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STHLM POLICY GROUP www.sthlmgroup.se
is a Stockholm based consultancy firm specializing in international peace, security and development. They lead projects all over the world, together with public and private organisations. SPG helps clients understand and handle risks, challenges and opportunities in conflict-prone and complex environments. Its practice areas include: international policy analysis, conflict prevention, crisis management and conflict resolution, humanitarian assistance, post-conflict peace building, and transition to long-term sustainable development. Strengthening institutions, rule of law and civil society participation are often key features of such projects. SPG has gained considerable experiences and found a place in the Swedish market and is now consolidating a position in the private market, helping companies with conflict-sensitive strategies to access emerging markets around the world. Jointly with DevFin Advisers, SPG is developing approaches to market and private sector development in post-conflict and conflict environments.





is a Southern African management consulting firm that provides consulting services to local government, the donor community, private sector companies, financial and microfinance institutions, NGOs and Small- toMedium-sized Enterprises to build economies and strengthen organisations to create jobs and markets that will contribute to economic development. Since it was established in 1996, ICC has conducted assignments in over twenty African countries. ICC’s consultants have significant regional experience, which provides for a diversity of perspectives on local issues. ICC’s six service areas are: strategic planning; institutional capacity building; SME & microenterprise development; microfinance and rural finance advisory services; agricultural and rural development; organisational, board & management development. ICC has offices in Harare, Lusaka and Maputo.



Is a network of professionals renewing the art of storytelling for improving learning and communication. Stories for Society’s group story-making approach, developed over years by top professionals from diverse fields, allows for the emergence of a high quality of group interaction, concerning complex or even seemingly intractable issues. The Stories method does this by creating a new playing field for the group interaction, and by emphasizing the practice of 21st century skills including: communication; joint creativity and problem-solving; empathy and compassion; and leadership in a changing situation. The Stories approach lends itself toa values-based discussionand how to practically pursue these in varying situations. The approach is therefore useful in discussions of: corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR); ethics; diversity management including gender issues; and inter-team and intra-team conflicts.It can also be applied to classic organizational challenges such as ‘knowing but not doing’ and meeting new market demands. See further storiesforsociety.com

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