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> 2013–2017 Devfin Advisers has a framework agreement with Sida for Services and advice within Development Finance. Under this agreement Devfin Advisers have so far undertaken some twenty assignments including a study on Innovative finance, advice on a guarantee to Asian Development Bank, mapping of innovate financing in Latin America and Europe, preparation of a guarantee to a global media fund, advice on a health innovative bond by a major Scandinavian bank and a study on financial options to support environmental friendly transport solutions. For details of Devfin’s core team under this agreement, read more.

> In 2014–2016 Devfin Advisers have provided technical and legal support to the Swedish Embassy in Thailand in the context of Sida’s potential provision of a guarantee to the Asian Development Bank.

> In 2015 Devfin Advisers undertook an evaluation on behalf of the Swedish Embassy in Sarajevo of The Challenge, a challenge fund for MSMEs in BiH and the Bosnian diaspora in Sweden.

> In 2015 Devfin Advisers provided technical and legal support to Sida for a guarantee to the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) including a review of MDIF’s operations in India Myanmar, Nepal South Africa and Zimbabwe.

> In 2014 Devfin Advisers undertook a review on behalf of Sida with the purpose of assessing the opportunities for Sida to set up a challenge fund for business development in Somalia, including co-financing with on-going such funds operated by the World Bank, USAID and others in Somalia and Somaliland. Also options for technical assistance to Somalian entrepreneurs were reviewed.

> In 2014 Devfin Advisers undertook a study for Sida concerning Innovative Finance including guarantees, challenge funds, private-public partnerships and other news forms of development finance. The study included lessons learned by Sida and internationally.

> In 2012–2013 Devfin Advisers undertook an evaluation of Private Sector Development by the Austrian Development Cooperation of behalf of the Austrian Development Agency. The evaluation included case country studies in Kosovo and Macedonia. Read more

> In 2013 Devfin Advisers evaluated FK Norway’s Private Sector Development Program 2001-2013. The program includes reciprocal exchange of personnel between companies in Norway and companies in developing countries, and also in between companies in different developing countries.

> In 2013–2014 Devfin Advisers in consortium with Nordic Consulting Group, Denmark undertook an evaluation of Danida’s Business to Business (B2B) program. The evaluation included case studies in Uganda and Bangladesh. The report is published in Danida’s evaluation series. Read more.

> Devfin Advisers assisted Sida in 2013 in developing means to determine cost-effectiveness of Sida’s development projects and programs, including suggestions for operational definitions of concepts such as value for money.

> On behalf of the Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of Switzerland DevFin has carried out an independent meta-evaluation of the role and effectiveness of SECO’s cooperation in Private Sector Development – Business Environment Reform. The evaluation involved some 20 projects financed by SECO and implemented by organizations such as EBRD, IFC, MIGA, UNCTAD and the World Bank. Read more

> Devfin Advisers had 2010-2013 an assignment as long-term help-desk to Sida in developing and supervising Sida's Business for Development Programme (B4D), a programme with the purpose of creating partnerships with the private sector in Sweden and internationally to foster a pro-poor global development. Tasks including application of Bottom of the Pyramid concept in a programme called Innovation Against Poverty, setting up of a new Sida Public-Partnership programme, development of challenge funds and support in establishing a results-based management system for B4D. Read more

> A systems evaluation of all Norwegian Business-related assistance during the last decade, including support provided through the Ministry, Norad, Norfund, Aureos Capital, FK Norway and NGO implemented microfinance. Case country studies in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and Uganda. Read more and download the reports:
Main Report (pdf 2.26 MB)

> Evaluation of Sida’s Trade-related assistance. A review of 20 projects including multi-donor programmes carried out by ITC, WTO the World Bank; projects and programmes with a focus on trade negotiations, quality infrastructure, certification, standards, export promotion chambers of commerce, training in trade, etc. Report published in Sida Evaluation series. Download pdf (660 KB).

> Review of Norwegian Aid for Trade support channeled through multilateral organisations, including the World Bank, WTO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, ITC and CFC, and multi-donor projects such as the Enhanced Integrated Framework. Read more

> Evaluation of SECO´s support to UNCTAD´s competition program in Latin America, COMPAL. Study included work in Colombia, Peru and Nicaragua.

> Helpdesk to Sida over several years in its participation in the Private Infrastructure Development Group, PIDG, a multi-donor initiative to promote private investments in infrastructure, especially in Africa. PIDG includes facilities such as Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, GuarantCo, DevCo and InfraCo. Read more


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