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holds a BA from Stockholm University and a MA (equivalent) from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. Stefan has held a number of executive, independent financial advisory, board representative, investment committee, and other appointments in the area of development finance. He was Director of Swedfund’s Regional Office in Nairobi (2009 – 2012) and headed up GuarantCo during its start-up phase (2004 – 2005). Stefan has a robust skills base in investment and funding facility appraisal, design of innovative models for blended finance and management of investment operations. Stefan has a balanced experience from both the public and private sectors, and has worked in many different countries and regions for institutions such as Sida, Swedfund, GuarantCo, IFC, World Bank, Swedish Board for Investment & Technical Support, World Food Programme, and Ericsson. Stefan Jansson is part of the core team from July 2016.



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