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MA in European Affairs, BA in Political Science specialized in democratization processes, and a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. She spent the past three years working on strengthening the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and most recently managed the BiH Enterprise Challenge Fund directed toward micro and small enterprises. Å?sa has been working for the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish
Trade Council and Sida and has completed three foreign missions as a sent out staff to the Embassies of Sweden in Riyadh, Baghdad and Sarajevo respectively. She has a versatile set of skills deriving from her experience in the areas of economic development, private sector collaboration and project management. Project beneficiaries, implementers and cooperation partners span from global enterprises (VOLVO Trucks, Scania, AstraZeneca etc.) to international organizations (WHO, UN Global Compact, UNIDO etc.) as well as small local startups (with focus on young entrepreneurs, innovation and sustainability).


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